IC3 Practice Test


IC3 Practice Test


The IC3 Digital Literacy (IC3) Certification is comprised of three individual examinations: Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online.

This bundle includes licenses the holder to use GMetrix exam simulation and practice software for the IC3 Digital Literacy (IC3) qualification. The license will enable you to practice for each of the three exams required to become IC3 certified.

  • Computing Fundamentals

  • Key Applications

  • Living Online

Because technology is constantly changing IC3 Global Standard 5 (GS5) reflects the most current versions and relevant skills required for students and business.

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GMetrix Practice Software for IC3 Digital Literacy

You wouldn’t sit your drivers license without practicing first and we strongly recommend that you don’t sit your certification exam without practicing first.

GMetrix online practice tests for IC3 Digital Literacy (IC3) certification are designed to replicate the certification exam experience so test takers can better prepare themselves for test day. The practice tests use the same exam format as the certification exams and are mapped to the certification objectives so a test-taker is assured that he/she is learning and practicing the skills that will help him/her pass the certification exam. GMetrix has two test modes; Testing Mode and Training Mode.

After the practice test license is purchased, the customer will receive an email containing the product code and instructions on how to download the GMetrix software and begin taking practice tests.

  • GMetrix accurately replicates a "live application" testing environment.

  • Enhances learning through self-paced practice questions.

  • Builds familiarity with the testing environment.

  • Enhances confidence towards certification exams.

  • Better prepares candidates to pass certification exams.

GMetrix has two test modes:

  • Testing Mode

    • Students experience what the certification exams will be like

    • Timed practice test present scenario to perform just like the actual certification exam

  • Training Mode

    • Students work at their own pace as they receive feedback and step-by-step instructions for each question.

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