Entrepreneurship & Small Business


Taking kiwi ingenuity global

The ESB Certification is built to test and validate foundation-level concepts and knowledge in entrepreneurship and small business management. These core concepts include entrepreneurship; recognising and evaluating opportunities; planning for, starting, and operating a business; marketing and sales; and financial management.

Why should students study and seek certification in ESB?

Whether it is a beauty salon in a large metropolitan city, a taco shop in a booming resort location, or a car repair garage in the suburbs, an incredible number of small businesses can be found almost everywhere. In fact according to Statistics New Zealand 97% of all businesses in New Zeland employ less than 20 people, they produce 28% of the GDP and employ 29% of the workforce across all industry sectors. (Statistics New Zealand Business Demography, Feb 2016). Small business is a critical driver of economic activity and the engine room of economic growth. So why is the failure rate amongst small business so high and what is the recipe for success?

ESB certification engages and prepares students who will pursue additional postsecondary training or those who elect to enter the small business sector immediately upon completing high school or sooner. The entrepreneurial concepts validated by this certification ensure that these students have a sound understanding of what is required to success in business - regardless of the business is.