Transform Student Engagement

Is it something in the water? You might well ask! What is it that brings students into school hours before classes start, turning up of their own volition on Saturdays or staying until well after classes finish on other days? It’s engagement, it’s motivation, it’s invention, it’s Innovation!

To quote Mr. Paul McClean Programme Director at Avondale College “The programme aims to bridge a widening gap between ICT education and the digital marketplace. A philosophy of knowledge-creation and innovative practice allows students to use sophisticated, industry standard technology to create their own market-ready applications, as well as gain educational qualifications and industry-benchmarked certifications along the way.

Students get engaged because:

  • They can see and measure their progress

  • They can take control of their own learning

  • Every achievement is rewarded and every failure assimilated and applied in order to accelerate learning

  • Nothing tastes better than success and the more you achieve the more you want to!