Drive Digital Pedagogy

“The programme aims to bridge a widening gap between ICT education and the digital marketplace. A philosophy of knowledge-creation and innovative practice allows students to use sophisticated, industry standard technology to create their own market-ready applications, as well as gain educational qualifications and industry-benchmarked certifications along the way.

It’s a strategy that is already gaining results. Not only are they gaining NZQA, CIE, MOS, Adobe, Autodesk and HP certifications alongside a proven-experience portfolio that will see them “hit the ground running” in any corporate digital environment, but Avondale College students are making headlines as they win national and international awards in IT.

The wider implications of this success are promising - not only for the individual students themselves, but for the future of New Zealand innovation in a globally competitive marketplace

Paul McClean, Programme Director, Avondale College, West Auckland

It works becasue:

  • The programme is curriculum agnostic

  • Credits are the automatic outcome of realigned productivity drivers in learners and teachers

  • Becasue the teaching focus is developed around the individual learning style of each student

  • Because students take responsibility for their own learning and teachers take charge of resourcing, mentoring and managing that learning