Unleash Your Creativity

inspire creativity in your students. allow students to approach tasks and projects in new ways, working out solutions they couldn't have seen before; help yourself as a teacher become involved with your student's creative process and take it to a whole a new level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you transform levels of digital proficiency in your students, staff and the wider community. Building digital skill sets produces significantly better academic outcomes across all subjects, improves real world job readiness and a provides a powerful incentive to utilise todays digital technologies to their full potential in creative and innovative ways.

Digital Proficiency Bundle for Schools


Qualifications Available

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- Year 6 Advanced to Industry Professional -
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“From the strategic delivery through to classroom layers, we’ve integrated ‘Systems Thinking’ and ‘Design Thinking’. As a result the quality of new wave thinking being generated more than responds to industry’s calls for a fundamentally new, education and industrial paradigm”
— Paul McClean - Director of Innovation, Avondale College